Everything to Know About Using Olive Oil for Baking

Olive oil has many health benefits as it reduces your food’s bad cholesterol and saturated fat, which will remain if you use olive oil in baking. It also adds antioxidants and Vitamin E to your food. 

They both are helpful for youthfulness and protect body cells. At the same time, Vitamin E can keep the baked foods fresh for a longer time and preserve the moisture in the food.

What Sort of Olive Oil is Useful for Baking?

Olive oil preserves the freshness and flavor of the baked food for an extended period. Baked products with olive oil feel lightweight and give a unique flavor.

To know which kind of olive oil is best for baking, read this article.

Perks of Using Olive Oil for Baking

  • Mild-flavored olive oil imparts a fruit-like aroma and brings out the natural flavor of ingredients used in baked goods, like spices, nuts, chocolates, dry fruits, or fresh fruits. However, one should add a few drops of olive oil as overpouring can dominate the flavor of other ingredients.
  • Mainly, if you don’t like the taste of olive oil drizzled over salads or uncooked vegetables, you won’t like it in baking either. So, use a good quality olive oil as we purchase from Olive oil Traders. Extra-virgin olive oil goes well for baking purposes.
  • Use mild-flavored olive oil to make soft cakes, cookies, or muffins. It preserves the ingredients’ actual flavor and gives additional moisture that keeps the final product fresh and soft for a more extended period.
  • Olive oil for baked desserts adds a fruity aroma to the product and gives a density to the desserts. For desserts, you can freely add intensely flavored olive oil.

Replace Olive Oil with Butter to Make Dense Baking Recipes

  • Virgin olive oil can be substituted in baking recipes using melted butter. 
  • It gives enhanced flavor, rich nutrients, and a lasting flavor. 
  • Don’t use it in recipes where you need sugary or creamy butter.

Ratio to Substitute Olive Oil for Butter

As mentioned, you can substitute olive oil in baking using melted butter. For an exact substitution ratio, you can use the rule of thumb. You use three tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil instead of every 1/4 cup of melted butter.

If you use olive oil in an equal ratio, it can be made the baked products too oily or greasy. Also, they might feel intensely dense.

Final Words

Olive oil in baking adds moisture, freshness, and flavors. It stands up against high flame, but it may lose its natural flavor and nutrition, especially when purchased from reliable Olive oil Traders. So it is pretty fragile and needs to be stored properly. Keep it in the dark and cool place. And store it away from the burner, oven, and bright lights as it can lead to off-flavored olive oil.

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