How to Make Vinaigrettes and Dressings

Store-bought vinaigrette is SO MUCH BETTER than homemade, and it’s SO EASY. This recipe makes enough for four salads with a light dressing. For a tone of modifications and suggestions, see the entire post!


Procedure to make Vinaigrettes and Dressings

Here is the procedure to make Vinaigrettes and dressing and also the ingredients used to make this; follow it closely to make perfect vinaigrettes:

What is the best oil for a homemade vinaigrette?

Extra virgin olive oil, which I use 95% of the time, is a great choice. Alternatively, pick a thin, flavorless oil like grapeseed, canola, or vegetable. Avocado oil also has a nice flavor. You may even substitute a small number of nut oils, such as walnut or hazelnut oil, for some extra flavor.

A small amount of sesame oil also gives a nutty flavor that goes well with Asian cuisine. With the stronger oils, only apply a delicate touch.


Oil of higher quality will have the best flavor. However, as you can see from the picture, I don’t mind a little love for a generic Costco brand because it tastes perfect!


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