Balsamic Vinegar to Prepare Meats

Balsamic Vinegar to Prepare Meats

Balsamic Vinegar is a go-to ingredient when marinating or preparing meats. This is because it can tenderize a tough cut of meat while adding a spectacular flavor to the dish. As a general rule, only red meat needs to be tenderized while the chicken and fish can solely take advantage of the flavor the balsamic vinegar adds. Keep in mind, each meat utilizes balsamic vinegar in a different way and we will discuss that below.

Time Required to Tenderize

Balsamic vinegar is a good marinade for red meats because it helps to tenderize them. The acid in the vinegar helps to break down some of the protein and fat in the beef, which makes it softer. The balsamic vinegar also adds a sweet flavor while tenderizing, without having to add any sugar. While you can soak the meat in plain balsamic vinegar, using a flavored balsamic will add more of a specific flavor to your dish.

It is important to note that when using balsamic vinegar to tenderize your meat you do need to plan ahead. Depending on how tough the meat is, you should leave it soaking in the refrigerator for at least twelve hours and not longer than five days. The longer it marinates, the more tender the beef will become. Thicker cuts of tough meats such as beef brisket benefit most from the longer soaks, while smaller cuts like sirloin will reach an ideal tenderness in twelve to twenty-four hours. When the beef has finished tenderizing, discard leftover marinade to prevent bacterial contamination.

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